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hot melt coating machine Product Description
hot melt coating machine product features are:
1, no drying equipment, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low cost, small footprint
2, the spraying method, with complex functions, for full scale, strip coating
3, inverter variable speed, belt drive, smooth operation
4, supporting the production line, retractable paper size specified by the customer
5, using computer control technology, spray rate to keep pace with the production speed automatic
6, 100% solid hot melt adhesive composition does not contain solvents, non-polluting

In addition, I produced the hot melt coating machine for cheap, reasonable structure, high-quality environmental protection, quality and cheap by the advantages of membership, by foreign

Professional buyers praise, the best-selling Europe and America, and Korea. I always in the quality of survival, trying to meet customer needs.
hot melt equipment Product Description:
I produced the hot melt equipment is mainly used in production of double-sided tape, cloth tape, double sided foam tape, cleaning tape, kraft paper tape, United States

Masking tape, aluminum foil tape, fiber tape, shoes, medical dressing tape.
hot melt equipmentd features are:
1, with precision metering gear pumps for resin content is more stable
2, high-precision alloy die coating to ensure high quality results
3, the highly efficient cooling device to ensure correct application of the substrate
4, the use of intelligent PID temperature control system, temperature control is very accurate, the error in 1 ℃
5, the main speed control for AC glue, glue to manually adjust the volume and speed can be automatically synchronized tracking

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